Are you in LinkedIn?

As you Know LinkedIn is a social media network similar to facebook with a more professional approach.  In LinkedIn you can post personal and professional information and build  a network with companies and other professionals in every field. Co-workers and ex managers can even provide a personal reference.

Currently Human Resources departments of many companies are using LinkedIn as an important recruiting tool. In my opinion, being part of this professional network will bring benefits to your career, especially if you are trying to find a job during these tough times of crisis.

Bellow I will share the most important points of an article by Dustin Brewer, called  Top 10 reasons you should be using LinkedIn which shows some of the benefits of joining the Network:

–          LinkedIn can provide you with business and / or jobs opportunities 

–          LinkedIn allows you to keep in touch with leaders of your field

–          You can be in touch with other professionals

–          Other professionals and companies can find your profile

–          LinkedIn can be use as a tool to provide professional references required for job applications

–          LinkedIn can be used as an on-line forum-like tool to post questions about your field and share information of a topic of interest with other professionals

–          You can use your profile of LinkedIn as your online CV

–          At the end of the day, having a complete profile in LinkedIn is like having your own professional website

–          You can include a profile picture to make your face recognizable to others in case they forgot your name

What do you think about LinkedIn? Are you in it? Let me know!

 If you are not in LinkedIn yet, I invite you to join this amazing social network and to enjoy all its professional advantages:


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  1. publicityworks

    good article on linkedin; do you find that facebook is now attacting the “business” class???

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